I started on a little podcast called The Sassy Crows, which was a band that turned in to a Podcast or a podcast that turned in to band, I'm not really sure to be honest, after that Pod was put on Hiatus I met Carl by chance in a pub in Croydon in December 2013, and got chatting about Die Hard 4 and more importantly Kevin Smith, tattoos were shown, movies and podcasts were chatted about and by the end of the evening we had decided to try and get a new podcast off the ground, and so the PopCulturePod was born in February 2014. After some technical issues with microphones and servers we were on some sort of roll with decent sounding audio.

I left the PCP in December 2015 due to relocating and have fianlly got round to sorting a new Podcast series... Pigs Might Fly Podcast, so stay tuned.

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