Thursday, 22 February 2018

So you might be off to Disneyland, Driving tips.

So you're thinking about going to Disneyland, well good for you, having been a few times now I thought I would share some insights, tips and recommendations, in this first post I'll cover travel.

So you can fly, Eurostar, ferry and drive or Euro-tunnel and drive.

There is only certain days and times that the Eurostar goes direct to Disneyland train station, if you can't get the Disney express you will either need to change trains or get a taxi when you arrive in Paris.

Depending on how many people and budget Euro-tunnel and driving seems to be the best option and the one we have done in the past, I like the you can travel on your own time scale in the comfort of your own car as well.

Check in is only a few hours at the terminal which fly's by, and there is some nice places to eat on both side of the tunnel as well as duty free to stock up some chocolate if that's your sort of thing.(deffo mine and the wife's)

So if you do drive you need to take some bits with you that are required when driving in France.
Warning triangle
Hi-viz vest for everyone in the car (kept in the front not the boot)
Spare bulbs 
Headlight Converters
GB Sticker

You will be told you need breathalyzers, now they are still required by law but there is no enforceable fine, they have a use by date can fail due to extreme weather conditions, so save yourself some money and don't bother in my opinion.

Glasses wearers need a spare pair in the car if you are the driver

Pollution sticker is only needed if you drive in Paris it's self!

Documents needed are;
Driving licence 
Insurance docs
MOT if your car is over 3 years old

There is plenty of service stations and stops on the way (remember to drive on the right!)
Tolls are currently around 22 Euro each way on the drive there and back so remember to budget that in as well.

Remember to go to the correct hotel car park on arrival, all sign posted really well.

Most of all try enjoy the travel as its all part of the trip.

*Obviously things change but this is up to date as of start of 2018.

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