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Vaping Tips for Beginners

Why Start Vaping?
You may have heard of vaping but don’t understand what it’s all about. If you’re a smoker,
vaping can seem overly complicated, especially when compared to the relatively straightforward
cigarette alternative; but there are many reasons to make the switch. Your health, for instance;
medical studies indicate that vaping is less harmful than smoking tobacco and can be used as a
tool to help you quit smoking altogether.
Other than vaping being less harsh on your lungs and throat, there are environmental benefits.
The vapour produced when vaping does not have that same bad smell we associate with
cigarettes, and it doesn’t fill the air with harmful second-hand smoke. Smoking cigarettes takes a
huge toll on public health and is the number one cause of preventable death in the United States.
Americans overall are smoking less than they used to, in part because of the many tools now
available to them to help them quit smoking. The same goes for the UK, which this summer
became the country with the second lowest rate of smoking in the E.U. And while nicotine
patches and gum can prove effective, one of the newest and most exciting ways to quit smoking
is through vaping.

Vaping: The Basics
So, what is vaping, first of all? It’s sort of a catch-all term for using an electronic device to
produce vapour instead of smoke, which the user inhales. Vapes come in many shapes and sizes
and go by many names: E-cigarettes, mods, boxes, etc.
A vape consists of a few key elements: a battery, a heating element, wicking material and a tank
that holds the not-yet- vaporised liquid. The liquid, called e-liquid or e-juice, will contain a
percentage of nicotine. When the user activates the device, the wicking device absorbs the liquid,
and the heating element will turn the e-liquid into vapour.

Though as a popular phenomenon, they’re relatively recent, vapes have actually been around for
decades! It was only in 2003, however, that the first e-cigarette, as we would recognize it with its
sleek, portable design, was first patented. Now, there are four main styles of vapes that are
Disposables: Disposables are the simplest, cheapest way to get started vaping. Generally
speaking, they usually include all the necessary parts listed above and get thrown away as soon
as the battery dies.
In some cases, they include replaceable components so that they can be used a little bit longer.
Because they are the simplest and cheapest option, they are generally on the weaker side in terms
of nicotine content, and the batteries often die quickly.

Pen Mods: Pens are the next step up from disposables. Where disposables are small, pens are
much larger and can hold more liquid. With vapes, as you go up in size, you increase the ability
to customise the experience.
Pens also have replaceable components so they needn’t be thrown away, and you can swap out
the tank, the heating element and the tip, based on your preferences. You can also recharge their
batteries, usually with a USB port.
Box Mods: The next step up is even larger and has significantly more battery life. Box mods
often include a display on the side to indicate the battery, temperature, wattage and other
As box mods offer the most power and customisation, they are also the most expensive.
However, if you discover you really enjoy vaping and want to improve your experience, it may
be worth the investment.
Mechanical Mods: Mechanical mods are the most difficult to use and not recommended for
beginners, simply because they are very expensive and can be damaged through misuse.
However, some vaping enthusiasts prefer mechanical mods because they contain no superfluous
circuitry, other than that used to heat the vapour. They are extremely powerful, long-lasting and
provide lots of vapour.

There are a lot of components in vapes that you can swap out, but to get started, you’ll probably
want to keep things simple with disposables or a beginner’s starter kit. Regardless of what type
of vape you start with, you’ll need to choose an e-liquid that suits your needs.
For those with a chemist’s inclination, you can think about the VG to PG ratio; more VG
(Vegetable Glycerine) will create more vapour and give you a smoother hit, but more PG
(Propylene Glycol) will usually give the e-liquid a better taste.
The other consideration is nicotine level. Levels vary from nicotine-free to 18mg/ml (which is
extremely high; generally, only for chain smokers, and usually lacks any kind of flavour). You
can choose which strength is right for you, based on your smoking habits.

How to Quit Smoking with Vaping
If you’ve had difficulty quitting smoking in the past, switching to e-cigarettes may help ease the
transition. Once you’ve learned to vape properly, you can begin the process of weaning yourself
off it by dropping down a nicotine level. It’s similar to switching to a slightly lighter tobacco in
regular cigarettes.
The key here is pacing: you should switch down to a lower nicotine level when you feel ready.
It’s a delicate balancing act between pushing yourself too hard and not hard enough, but it’s
better to take things slowly and really get the full effects than to go too quickly and break under
The way to take yourself down a level is to purchase different strength level e-liquids. Some
companies offer more strength grades than others, so you can wean yourself off the nicotine
more gradually. This process can take months, but eventually, you’ll be able to go down from

cigarette levels of nicotine to low-level strength e-liquid levels of nicotine. From there, it’s not a
long journey until you’ve completely gotten over your addiction.
When you’ve transitioned to low-level e-liquids, you could start leaving your e-cigarette at home
on purpose. You may think you’re not strong enough, but if you’ve already gotten yourself down
to regularly consuming low levels of nicotine, you’re stronger than you think. Once you start
leaving it at home regularly, it won’t be part of your routine to carry it on you at all times
anymore. You’ll probably even start forgetting to bring it with you.
While forgetting your e-cigarette may be irksome, it means you’re beating your addiction.
Nicotine isn’t controlling your every move anymore, and you can begin vaping as more of a
hobby than a necessity

Whether you’re on a journey to quit smoking altogether or just looking to vape recreationally,
there’s nothing stopping you! There’s a vape out there for everyone, and with a little
experimentation and research, you may find out you’re a vaping enthusiast who wants to move
up beyond beginner kits and disposables

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*This is a collaborative post.


  1. Quite an informative post. Since there is no smoke involved with vaping, there isn’t a stench that lingers on your breath, clothes or furniture. Similarly, thanks to the technology and science involved, there is no tar or ash that leaves cigarette burns or tobacco stains. Vaping products or premium e liquids have less restrictions in public spaces and can be used in homes and cars with few consequences.

  2. Wow!Very Interesting Blog.Yeah Vaping is an art and the one who are addicted to the smoking will surely try it.Well on the other hand,It is not good for the health.Love this Blog.


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