Friday, 3 November 2017

Suavecito you have a genuine tub?

So I thought I was getting a bargain when I found some Suavecito pomade on ole Ebay for around £.7.50..... Turns out I might of got a "Fake" one though...

 So what led me to believe it was a fake I hear you ask? 
( I will be referring to it as "fake" in the comparisons although this is just my opinion about it)

Well there is a few things that just didn't seem right, but you wouldn't know it unless you had a pot direct from Sucvecito and one from ebay (for example).

So first off the weight of the container is different, the fake one is sort of hollow like there is gap between the inner container and the outer sides, it makes a noise when tapped as with the Genuine one the pot seems a lot more sturdy.
(Turns out you can order these pots from Amazon)

Next is the labeling, the fake labels are all a bit skewed and not sitting right on the container, they are also ever so slightly a different shade of colour.... now this could be different batches but the labels being skew just isn't right.
You also done get a sticker with the ones from other places that sell the pomade, again this is not proof.

Once you open it there is a foam insert in the fake lid, this is not found in the genuine one.

Now moving on to the pomade itself, first of all there is bubbles in the genuine one, like its just left to cool on a table/bench or whatever they do, now with the fake it has some lines and waves, like its put on something that vibrates to make all the air bubbles raise and pop.

All this being said the pomade looks, smells, acts and works exactly the same way, does it being not genuine matter to you?

So this is all based on my thoughts and findings.... let me know what you think in the comments.

Cheers for reading,

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