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Don’t Make These 10 Vaping Safety Mistakes

Don’t Make These 10 Vaping Safety Mistakes
When it comes to vaping, there is a decent learning curve involved in understanding the equipment and how to properly use and maintain it. Some vaporizers are simple and straightforward, while others are much more complex.
However, all electronic vaping devices come with a certain level of hazard if you don’t follow the rules. Even if you have been vaping for ages, you are probably guilty of at least a few of the following common vaping safety mistakes.

1.     Failing to Read Instructions for New Equipment
Instructions are boring, and most of us are guilty of tossing the instructions without so much as a quick perusal. Unfortunately, failing to learn how to properly assemble, use and maintain new equipment is a big no-no when dealing with high-wattage vaporizers. Don’t be one of those people who hits news headlines for losing a hand when the batteries in your mod exploded.
If you’re just learning how to vape, make sure you read up on how to properly take apart and reassemble your tank. Follow the instructions for properly filling the tank with e-liquid and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for coil replacement. Finally, take the time to actually learn how to operate your vape mod, whether it’s a pen device or a complex, high-performance machine.
2.     Carrying Backup Batteries Without a Case
This is a sin a lot of us are guilty of committing. Admit it you’ve probably stashed a couple of backup batteries in your pocket (or handbag) before dashing out the door. The batteries that power a box mod are much stronger than the AA’s you pop into your TV remote. If you happen to have some loose change in your pocket which happens to bridge the connection between your batteries, you could find yourself the victim of a sudden battery discharge right in your pocket.
Most decent battery manufacturers provide a protective carrying case when you purchase their vape batteries. If your batteries didn’t come with a case or you threw it out thinking it was some sort of posh shipping packaging, then it’s a good idea that you purchase one ASAP. Cases are cheap and worth the expense.
3.     Leaving the Device Powered On
When you know you won’t be using your mod for a while, it’s always a good idea to power down your device. The reason why is that you simply don’t know what’s going to happen. It could get knocked over in just a way that the power button is pressed without your knowledge, or a child might take a fancy to your mod and accidentally hit the trigger.
So, the next time you settle in for a kip, or head into a meeting at work, remember to turn off your mod. It only takes a moment to power down a vaporizer, plus you can rest easy knowing that your mod isn’t going to over-discharge. 
4.     Using Damaged Batteries
The use of damaged batteries is common among long-time vapers. Unfortunately, it’s also a habit that ends up making news lines when it eventually literally blows up. Damaged batteries are unreliable and can spontaneously discharge while in use or during the charging process.
There are a few tell-tale signs that a battery has become damaged beyond what is considered safe for use. Nicks and deep scuffs in the metal, perforations in the plastic coating or peeling of the plastic sleeve around the top and/or bottom of the battery are a few indicators that the battery needs replacing. If your batteries no longer have a plastic sleeve seriously? stop using them immediately and properly dispose of those raunchy batteries!
5.     Not Using the “Lock” Feature
We all know there are times when you want to use your vape while doing other things, like riding in a car or pwning noobs on Rocket League. Unfortunately, leaving your device powered on and unlocked is without a doubt a safety hazard. Again, you never know when your device will take a tumble, and it could be even worse if you don’t take notice of the power button firing away.
If you don’t know how to activate the lock function on your mod, have a look through the user manual. Many mods come with this feature pre-set, so if the mod isn’t used within a certain amount of time, the device disables itself until the power button is hit in a certain succession (typically three or five times).
6.     Failing to Clean Up
When you’re dealing with e-juice, it’s fair to admit that spills will happen. Obviously spilling a bit of e-juice on the kitchen worktop, where you prepare food, needs to be cleaned and sanitized. However, what about leaks and spills that occur on the outer area of your device’s tank?
Leaks and spills that leave a residue on your tank and/or the mouthpiece can be harmful. E-liquid may taste brilliant, but concentrated nicotine is still a chemical that you don’t need to ingest. Admittedly, most of us are guilty of doing a bit of a wipe-down to make sure the worst of the liquid is removed, but do we really go to the trouble of sanitizing our gear after a spill? Nope. Keeping a few packets of alcohol/sanitary wipes in your pocket is a great way to clean up your device after a leak, plus it’s a good idea to sanitize the mouthpiece regularly to prevent the spread of germs.

7.     Using the Wrong Charger
Imagine you’ve misplaced your vape charger cable. In a stroke of genius, you realize the charger for your mobile has the same fitting, so you decide to use this cable to charge your mod. The idea is innocent enough, and would be good if it weren’t so dangerous.
The fact that a cable has the same plug type doesn’t mean it’s a suitable replacement for charging your vape battery. The cable that came with your mod has a specific wattage and amperage flow that is ideal for safely charging the battery. Using another charger could cause the battery to overcharge, or at the very least, it can shorten the lifespan of your battery.
8.     Not Protecting the Tank
Most of the tanks you see in the shops will be made of glass. A glass tank enables you to easily see how much juice is in your tank, it cleans up very well and does not retain flavours and colours from the previous e-liquid. The glass is pretty durable, but any kind of serious impact could crack or completely break your tank’s glass.
Does your tank have some kind of bumper or metal shield built around the glass? Unfortunately, many of the top atomizer brands have completely vulnerable tanks. To help protect your tank in the event of a drop, purchase a cheap rubber bumper to slip around the glass of the tank. In fact, you can achieve the same effect with a hair band, but it doesn’t look as awesome.
9.     Leaving Batteries to Charge Unattended
If you have a habit of leaving your batteries to charge while you pop out for a drink or do the shopping, you could be setting yourself up to come home to an unfortunate situation. Something as simple as a badly seated battery or a loose cord could result in disaster when charging your vape batteries.
It’s best to make sure you’ll be nearby during the charging process so you can quickly deal with an emergency if one arises. In addition, it’s a good idea to routinely check your gear to make sure everything is functioning properly and there are no visible signs of damage in your charging unit, cable or batteries.

10.     Using High Wattage on a Low Wattage Coil
If you have found yourself the victim of many “bad coils,” the issue may be in having your wattage set too high. Low wattage coils can’t handle high watt power, which results in an audible popping sound and a horrid burnt taste. It’s important to understand vaping voltage if you’re going to be messing around with a variable voltage mod.
If you aren’t sure what kind of coil to buy, consult your mod’s construction booklet, which will tell you the range of “ohms” that are acceptable in a coil. Attempting to use a coil that isn’t suited for high watt vaping not only wastes money, but it can also be dangerous.
Vaping is a great way to quit smoking, plus it can be an enjoyable hobby to break into. Sure, there is a certain degree of learning required when it comes to vaping responsibly. If you want to continue making clouds with all your fingers intact, be sure to remember these safety guidelines in the future. 

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