Saturday, 26 August 2017


Some Cheap food, Cheap drink and a few chances to win some cash and prizes during a great night out with some friends, all hosted by the BGT finalist Danny Posthill....

....I'll have a bit of that any night of the week.

So the Big Bingo Bash is not your normal night of bingo that's for sure, from the giant app wall the first game picked to be played (and not for the last time that night) is FIREBALL, everyone up and in to the center of the room to catch giant balloons with numbers on, you have one at the end of the music you get on stage for a chance to win a prize.

Next was some classic type bingo games, with cash and prizes to be won in abundance, sadly we didn't win anything apart from a mug (which is awesome) and got a lovely goodie bag for attending the event but the night was great from start to finish regardless, especially as after the bingo finished there was band-oraoke where you could get up and sing with a live band until your heart was content, and believe me some people did...
 I really hope that Big Bingo Bash makes its way back to Broadstairs in the very near future as I will be going back.

Can you believe this selfie didn't win best selfie of the night..... can't figure out why?

Well this is my first post back, hope you enjoyed it,

Cheers for reading,


  1. Kooolll...looks like you had a great time. Such a perfect ambiance and so kool...i wish i was there to play the game as well


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