Friday, 3 February 2017

Have you met my mate John Frieda

I've always had an on/off relationship with my hair, going from the extremes of dreadlocks where I didn't wash them for a long time (like years) to a rockabilly quiff that had to combed 17,000 times a day to to make sure it looked perfect.

Of late I have been keeping it neat and tidy and washing it daily unlike my teenage smelly dread years! I never really paid much attention to what I washed my hair with until I ran out of what ever I had bought last and had to grab what ever the wife had laying out in the shower.

Tuns out what was laying about was John Frieda Luxurious volume Shampoo and Conditioner and turns out my hair bloody loves it.

I don't have fine hair  but since I've stated using it my hair seems a lot softer and has a bit of bounce in it, the Lux Volume shampoo and conditioner range has caffeine in it which helps to achieve this.

So I had a look to see what other lotions and potions were sitting out and there was also an in shower treatment, like I said I don't really have fine hair but thought why not give this a shot as well, turns out it has some volume boosting polymers which penetrates fibers to enhance there texture and fullness.
Thins is a semi permanent treatment so lasts through  couple of washes as well which is handy.

Cheers for reading...

*Items were sent to me, all view are my own.


  1. My husband always used my leftover shampoo, but last year he switched to a caffeine one and his hair is in much better nick. I'm gonna suggest this one too him !

    1. It seems to work (or at least give the effect that its working) :)


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