Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Have a watch of these...

So I like a bit of everything when it comes to things to watch, you name it I have probably had a gander at it for at least an episode, but below are a few documentaries that people may of not seen or over looked that get my recommendation.

Documentary following Eddie Hall as he becomes a full time professional strong man and chases the worlds heaviest Dead-lift.... Even if you are not in to this sort of thing Eddie is such a character and the insight in to what these guys put their bodies through is rather interesting.

Another documentary but this one follows Mr Ducktail on how he became who he is within the Rockabilly/Barbering world and his loyal customer base at his shop in Carnaby Street.

Joe Rogan Questions Everything (Youtube and Netflix)
I'll watch or listen to anything with Joe in it, this series is Joe talking to some absolute nutters about things like Bigfoot, Aliens, Chem-trails, well worth a watch as he doesn't take it to serious and will call bullshit if he see's it.

Multi part documentary series following Leah after she has left the church of Scientology, more of the same when it comes to this lot of claims made against the church  by multiply sources and then the church calling everyone SP and crazy people yet they believe in some Alien dude or some shit, very strange but really interesting none the less.

Documentary about the competitors of Crossfit and how they all did leading up to and competing in the Crossfit games. Again this may not be your thing but interesting to see what these guys get up to and how far they push the physical limits of their bodies.

Rapper, Sportsman and sneaker enthusiasts show of there amazing collections, plus the back story of how it used to be before the internet when you would have to travel across the country and the world to get hold of the new limited kicks. 

So there is a few things to get stuck in to, let me know over on twitter @tattooedowl if there is something you think I need to watch.

Cheers for reading...


  1. I've not seen any of these, but I think my husband would like the crossfit and Eddie Hal programme - definitely gonna suggest them to him!

    1. Has he watched any of them yet? hope he enjoys them.


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