Monday, 2 January 2017

The Birth Story from the Dad's point of view

So I thought I might give you the birth story from a Dads Point of view... nothing to graphic so not to worry... On with the Show!

So just over 2 weeks ago me and Becca were in Homebase getting some plaster to carry on with the decorating of one of the spare rooms.
Cue massive hip ache and a need to go home ASAP, once we were home we proceeded to carry on with the plastering until around 10 O'clock, unknown to us that Becca was in early labour.

Cut to about 2.30am and I get a little nudge to wake up as something is happening....
I won't lie, I was calm on the outside side but inside I was absolutely bricking it!
Out comes the stop watch app and we get down to timing the contractions, after a quick phone call to the midwife we were told to wait until they were at least 2 mins apart and lasting between 40 to 60 seconds.

6am rolls around and I made the decision that we were leaving, I didn't wanna risk getting stuck in traffic and it was a 30ish min drive from our house to the hospital.

On route it became apparent that I had neglected to grab and Lucozade so popped in to a garage leaving Becca in the car very much in labour at this point. Glad little man didn't decide to make an appearance at this point as I don't have the leather seat option in the BMW.

We roll in to the carpark at about 6.40am... not the the first car park of the morning, in retrospect we should of done a dry run and seen what side of the hospital the maternity unit was on, it turns out not the side I pulled up to, after some directions and a quick scramble round to the other side of the hospital we SLOWLY walk across the carpark and through the main doors, again still not the right entrance but close enough (also turns out they we had already been to the maternity part once before when we were having one of our scans but that didn't register at any point in the events of that morning.

I acquired a wheelchair and pushed Becca in the right direction!
(only fair as she was about to do some serious pushing in a few hours time)

So we are stood at the entrance of the Midwife unit and it hits Becca like a truck... THIS IS IT, she turned to me and said "I don't want to do this" Bit late now I thought but I just gave her a hug and we waddled round to meet a midwife.
Now I was still relatively calm on the outside but that bricking it feeling I mention earlier, well now I was seriously crapping my pants.

So we were shown to the Palm suit which was massive! It had a huge hot tub, private toilet and a sofa bed which is a nice touch.
We arrived on shift change so we had to wait about 20  mins before the midwife who would be looking after Becca showed her face ( just enough time to go and move the car I had previously abandoned and bring in the massive amount of bags we had with us, although turns out no where near as many as some of the other people I saw coming and going that day)

For all the bits about the birth and drugs and water births best pop over to this POST from Becca as she explains it a lot better then I can.

OK so are you all caught up, and up to date, good well on with the story,

So after a nice 2 hour bath which I was super jealous of as I love a good bath and this one was massive, the water wasn't cutting the mustard and Becca needed out, after getting dressed there was another 2 hours of musical beds, changing up positions from standing to laying to kneeling all of which was to the sound track of Heart Fm's Christmas playlist, Becca pleading for an Epidural (which she was to far gone for) Becca also telling the Midwife to FUCK OFF when she was trying to listen to little mans heartbeat (only happened once I'll add) and the sounds of Darth Vader (Becca on the Gas and Air which got her high as a kite, she kept offering it to me which was nice of her but she needed it far more than me).
I would like to point out that during this time I did not stop rubbing her back, my arm was bloody killing me.

So around 12.15pm its the final check to see if its time for the pushing to begin, turns out it was, Beccas body had got in to gear and was ready to get the baby out ASAP. I'D also like to say that the check seemed like one of the most painful things I have ever seen, it was until about 42 mins later anyway, after the waters had been popped as they wouldn't go naturally and 3 contractions during which Becca said, and I'm quoting directly here
 "If I died now that would be OK as the pain is so extreme" little Oliver popped out at 12.57pm weighing 7 2.5lbs

They plonked him on Becca's chest, she was so happy not to be pregnant, I know this as she told us all right then as she was grizzling, I cut the cord and our lives have changed so much from that point it is unreal!

Thanks for reading, I know it was a long one but you stuck at it like a champ!

So here is a few pointers...
(I'm going to do a Dad Tip Post soon)

Do a dry run to the ward/Hospital.

If you think you have packed enough you haven't, bring more milk, bottles, nappies, bags and the kitchen sink for god sake.

Hospital canteens shut around 6pm so if like us you finally come out of the new baby glaze around this time and are hungry there is nothing but vending machines, might be worth packing more food or seeing if there is somewhere else near by to pop out to.

Once home buy more nappies, Morrisons Number 2 for a baby about 7lbs get my vote as they are around £2.50 for 40 and the other expensive brands have had me changing bed sheets due to leaks at 2 in the morning.

Cheers for reading...

And good luck if you are expecting!


  1. LOVE this post. It is really interesting to read it from the Dad's point of view. It sounds like you did an amazing job (as did Becca who did all the hard parts!). Congratulations on your tiny human guys - so pleased for you both! x

  2. Great Post! I had awkward deliveries with mine but always wanted a waterbirth and my Meat Loaf CD but with both never happened. It is an amazing experience, my husband was scarred from the whole thing with Rowan lol! I LOVE gas and air! Oliver is so cute and you guys are gonna be fab parents! Agree on nappies, branded always leak. Aldi are fab for nappies.

    Stacey xxx


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