Tuesday, 31 January 2017

7 weeks in, little life update.... #Dadlife

So its been nearly a month since I last posted, busy has is not the word, little man is 7 weeks old today, it has absolutely flown by, and yet feels like he has been with us forever.

I've also got a few other bits on the burner taking up more of my time as well, more on them if things develop any further.
The lack of sleep is still taking some getting used to, and at a time when I'm trying to kick my sugar habit is making it all that more fun.
 Little man loves a bath, even tries to swim which made me smile like an idiot truth be told, and all them sleepless nights are worth it when he smiles at me...

 ...Although I could of easily given him away after 4 days of non stop screaming the other week (turns out little man has reflux, something passed down from yours truly) but now that's under control we are back to happy and smiley baby, which means happy and smiley Mummy and Daddy.

One other thing I have learnt is the bloody nursery rhymes have changed, I mean come on, That spider was washed out the spout, none of this freezing in the snow crap!

Finally got my hair sorted out after the shocker of a haircut I got before Christmas, big shout out to Nick at Shakers Hair for shaping me up and sorting me out.

 That's it for now.
Cheers for reading...

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