Monday, 12 December 2016

Nike Shibusa

So I have always wanted some Nike Mags, I even shelled out for a copy pair once upon a time, full working lights and shiz, but they went back as they just weren't up to much for the price really.
Although you can get a pair from a costume sop in america for $99 which I have heard great things about.

Any way, back top me mooching about in the Nike store in Ashford seeing if there is anything that take my fancy and low and behold there was a pair of Nikes that caught my eye...
So there was pair of Nike air Shibusa in White on Grey, so they are not self lacing as such but have some elastic bands instead of laces.

They also have some Grey detailing on the heel that mimics the mag aswell.

Pretty comfy in my book and the easy of just slipping them on is always a winner in my book.
Only issue is they get super dirty super quick and I think the material will crease on the toes over time but they look wicked so...

Cheers for reading...

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  1. i have seen so many reviews before about the product nike shoes and looking forward to buying this one. i hope i also have a great experience too


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