Thursday, 10 November 2016

Psychic Supper Night

So I went along with an open mind... actually I didn't but did they know that?
So you could say I'm a sceptic and I tried to go to this supper with an open mind but as soon as the first medium started doing her "readings" I could see the cold reading a mile off, it was so obvious Stevie Wounder could see it.

I am getting a bit ahead of myself so lets go back to the start of the night, So we rock up about 6ish as not to be late and get a decent seat for the 6.30pm start. 

So 6.30pm came and went and things got rolling around 7.15pm when the food starting to come out, not table by table, it was in batches, so 3 of us had curries which came out first then 1 of use was having fish and chips which came out last, like 15 mins later, by this time the curry had been demolished!

So around 8pm the first medium starts to walk around and do some reading table by table, we were the 2nd table to get a reading, and I was up first, so there was an old man behind me apparently, who was had something to do with the "sea, army or navy". So we live by the sea but this means nothing to me, so she carries on saying we had just bought a house, and we were doing it up not a bad guess, and that I do a lot of driving on the roads, where else do you drive lots was my first thought but I said I did and then she said you must be a while van man... Nope, but I do a lot of driving and I need to stop speeding on my way home from work, I'm fine on the way to work but I speed on the way home (she also made this statement to another gentleman about 8 tables away.)

She then finished with the fact that I am stubborn and moved on to someone else on the table, who she had one or two hits with but it was mostly him making her predictions fit. 

She went and did the rest of the tables and then had a little sit down and out came the Trance medium, now this was a whole different affair and very strange, a lady sits down and goes in to a trance and her spirit guide "Johnathan" comes through, who quite frankly was a bit pervy if you ask me!
Old Johnny had a very posh voice that the medium had down to a T and didn't falter from once over the course of the trance, so "he" answered some questions about the afterlife which was all a bit of a crock in my book, and then people go to ask questions about themselves and if there was anyone there for them, surprise surprise there was someone for everyone who asked, all be it a bit vague and the host kept saying things like, are you sure this doesn't match you, and it might come to you later when you are at home. 

Then my father in law groaned a bit as we had been sat in the most uncomfy chairs for around 3 hours now and ole Johnny wanted to do some trance healing on him, so he/she grabbed his hand and they just stood there...
Now I said I was a sceptic from the get go but each to there own, if that sort of thing makes people feel good then crack on but personally I think that all mediums and psychic are charlatans praying on people. 

But then they should of already known that I though that shouldn't they?

Cheers for reading...

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