Monday, 31 October 2016

South East Body Challenge Week 1

Well one thing I learnt form the fit test is I am unfit!

Week 1 has been and gone and what a brutal test it was, well for me anyway, so it was 10 exercises in a 1 minute on 1 minute rest fashion until all were completed.

Now I have about 0% cardio in my work outs so I knew I was going to struggle from the get go, and struggle I did, the whistle goes and I'm off for one of the worst 20 mins in recent years.

It works with each rep being a point and you have to get as many reps in as you can in the minute.

1. Shoulder Taps
2. Stance Jumps
3. Iron Butterflies
4. Jumping Jacks
5. Squats (sit ups for me)
6. Stand to Lay
7. Plank Jacks
8. Russian Twists
9. High to Low Planks
10. Mountain climbers

Now they may not seem like difficult exercises but you go off and do them and let me know how you feel afterwards. Safe to say that I was absolutely fucked for 4 days afterwards, my back hurt every time I bent down, my knees hurt every time I got off the sofa and to make it worse I was called in to work straight after doing this and was up for something like 26 hours or so.
So Week 2 is team games of some sort so might be a bit easier, I have also been slacking with the Kettlebells and weights due to general day to day life but have got back on them this last week so that should help in the following task and test.

Cheers for reading...

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