Saturday, 8 October 2016

So what you been up to?

So whats been going on lately? 

I have been crazy busy so the blog has been neglected a bit over past few months, I am still trying to get my groove back with the Pigs Might Fly Podcast, I have about 8 episodes now, they are nothing like the old podcasts I was involved in, they are all pretty short and just random shiz that I have going on, still worth a listen in my opinion.

There has also been loads of decorating that needed to get done before Baby McBabyface arrives as well as all the Christmas visitors we are expecting, so I have been cracking on with that in my spare time, the hallway is now a nice ivory and chocolate colour... Lush it is!

Also had to get a new car as the C4 catastrophically failed me, went Japanese this time and got a swift! Nearly back where it all began as my first car was an Alto many moons ago when I passed my test.

Its also a year ago this week that we went out to get some bread and booked a trip to Florida, Wish we were back there as we loved it  (although not at the moment as there is a tornado heading there apparently, so good luck with that peeps)

Apart from that its pretty standard, being an adult is not a fun as you thought it would be when you were like 10 years old thats for sure.

Cheers for reading...

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