Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Baby List

So BabyPowell will be here in under 10 weeks, as as normal I have to get everything ready way way in advance!
 ( I usually pack my suitcase a couple of weeks before we go on holiday)

So I'd thought I share what we have found over the past few months, and I know everyone and their dog gives you advise so you can stop reading right now and I won't be offended.

The Room...
So we finished the room a month or so ago, One thing you will need in abundance is 
Baby Hangers and I found that 10 for a quid from Poundland is the best you can get them!

Then the usual big stuff like Crib/Cot, Wardrobe or Draws, and something to keep the vast amount of nappies, creams, lotions and positions in, we have an Ikea Kalax unit with 8 boxes, all of them pretty much full! Along with all the nappies a Changing mat is on the list of things to get.

Also might be nice to get a Mosses Basket, Argos do one with a stand which is pretty reasonable and Asda have started doing the bed sets for them and over the past few months and I have even started to seem them in stores.
Black out curtains could be something to consider from what I have read in a few New dad books as babies get in to a routine and can associate the dark with sleep time.

The Travel System...
We spend months deciding on this due to Becca not knowing what colour she wanted, We eventually settled on the Cosatto Giggle 2 as we kept seeing them out and about, so when we did I would ask what they thought of it and it was always positive reviews.

So you get a Car Seat if you pay extra (although we hunted for a deal and got it included with our system) a Carry Cot and a Padded Seat, all interchangeable with the main unit with 2 clicks of a button.
You can also get an ISOfix Car Seat Base for around £120 which is expensive but saves so much time as the car seat just clicks in and out. One thing I have been told is you need a car seat to take baby home from the hospital and they won't let you leave with out one.

A few other things that should come or will be needed are Changing Bag, Rain Cover and Sun Umbrella along with some pram toys.

So our little man has been spoilt by the family and has massive amounts of stuff, to the point were we had to put a ban on anything else till he is a bit older. Primark is a god send of sleep suits and baby grows along with some boss checkered shirts and jeans. A coat was harder to find but eventually tracked one down in Debenhams that we liked, although a week later primark put out all the baby winter coats.
As you may or may not know I love shoes, something I am going to force on Babypowell as well as I have already got him 10 or so pairs!

So there is a few bits and pieces we have learnt over the past few months, If you have any tips why not share them with me!

Cheers for reading...

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