Friday, 16 September 2016

Wingham Wildlife Park

So for past few weeks I have been randomly singing the Wingham Wildlife park radio advert at Becca, much to he dismay I may add. 
To say I was excited to go and see the penguins and the Red Pandas was an understatement.
So this past Saturday (even thought I had the worst tooth ache in the world) We spent a good few hours trecking round the Park.

So its £16 for an adult but worth it in my opinion, if you have kids there is loads of other stuff to do with them like play parks and shiz.

So the Wolves didn't really wanna play ball and just star staring at everyone at the other side of the enclosure so we moved on to the flamingos, I bloody love me a flamingo and you can walk through and get a close as they will let you. I have spent many a time doing impressions of flamingos but Becca never really seems impressed to be honest. 

Next we went to the Otters and Meerkats, there was a lady who I can only describe as a Chav who was shouting and generally being a dick at the Meerkats so after about 30 seconds and my mood not being the best due to #Toothgate (post to come later on that) I wanted to push her in with them and hopped they all pinned her down.
Alas I didn't and moved swiftly on to the tropical bird enclosure. 

So 8 years ago I would rather of had teeth pulled than go in an open bird walk through, but a lot has changed in that time and now I was first through the door. It was full of all different types of species and one particular Lory took a liking to Becca and was generally being a little show off.

There is a Butterfly walk through inside the bird area but as all Moths and Butterfly's are bastards I gave it a miss and went to see the red pandas.

So there was one red panda we were lucky enough to see, he was going from his napping tree to his napping house, that was it, the little bugger did sod all else, what a life eh?

There was a whole heap of Goats and Reindeer in a pen that you could stroke, then 2 Tigers (they did sod all) and some other big Cats.
The Lions were rescued from a circus but again just sat there with there balls just hanging out, also the life eh.

The interactive dinosaurs are a great addition for the kids (also giant kids like me and Becca who had to get in the dino eggs for a picture.

The Lemur walk through nearly ended in a not so good way when one decided to grab my leg when I was looking at another one sat on the railing and I nearly kicked him off like I was punting a american football down field. 

There is loads I have probably missed out like other parrots and turtles but there is so much to see it really is a great place for a day out.
Food is a little pricey but there is loads of room for picnics.

Cheers for reading...

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