Friday, 23 September 2016

Songs of my Skate youth...

So I grabbed that new CD called Skate Punk Anthems...

Well I don't know if it just me but some of the songs on there are most certainly not skate punk anthems! Don't get me wrong there is some bangers on the album for sure but I didn't listen to them when I was skating. I also know that it was all subjective and some skaters I knew were way in to heavy metal or hip hop, so below are a selection of songs that were always in my CD Walkman/MP3 player when I was skating about and being a general hoodlum, and yes I was of the generation who used to carry about a CD wallet and a Walkman!

So with out further delay have a little listen to some of these!
And what not leave me some of your anthems in the comments or tweet me @TattooedOwl

Goldfinger - Superman


  1. I didn't think many of these were skate anthems! I was initially excited when I saw it advertised, but they certainly aren't the tracks of my skater friends when I was a teenager!

    1. I thought the same, it was a crap album to be honest.


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