Monday, 15 August 2016

The preparation has begun #BabyPowell

So my office was full of things like action figures, bobble heads, Iron man and Star wars helmets. When we moved in I had a desk to sit at and do some work if I wanted. That stuff is all still there but is now starting to get over shadowed by the amount of stuff that we are stock piling before BabyPowell arrives.

So after weeks of back and forth we decided on the Cosatto Giggle 2 travel system, then the hard part came, what color way to get it in! From day one I wanted the orange and blue one that was exclusive to Mothercare. It looked nice and also a happy coincidence that they are also happen to be the colours of the Nicks and Oilers!
Cosatto Giggle

Just when I think we are nearing the end of buying everything someone else pipes up with a " have you got this" or  " you will need one of these" and so on we go piling more stuff in to the office.
I did how ever get some cute as fuck shoes and baby grows!

To Infinity and beyond!

Theses aren't the droids your looking for!

Cheers for reading...

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