Thursday, 4 August 2016

Netflix is killing it!

So yeah, Netflix is killing it at the moment, when ever I have a bit of spare time there is always something on my list that I need to start of carry on watching, so I thought I would share some recommendations from my current list, there is a bit of everything so stick with me.

First off is Spotless, an English drama about a crime scene cleaner and his bother getting mixed up with some gangstas, it really is worth watching and with 10 one hour long episodes its a good amount to get stuck in to.

Next is a new documentary, and I love a documentary, this one follows the 6 day conference ran by Tony Robbins every year in which 2500 people pay to attend, its called I'm not your Guru and will keep you engaged from start to finish.

Last Chance U is a another documentary but set over 6 one hour episodes, I'm only one ep in so far, I might be a bit bias as I love American football but its a really interesting to see the inner working of this little towns hugely successful collage team.

Bob Ross beauty is everywhere Need i say more?

Well there is a few recommendations to get your juices flowing, let me know if you have anything I need to watch.

Cheers for reading...

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  1. I like the sound of Spotless, I might give that a go! I recently signed up for Netflix, I've been seeing what the hype over Stranger Things is - I'm on episode 2 and my favourite thing so far is the soundtrack!


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