Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Are you a Movie and TV Binger?

It's no big secret that I love nothing more than sitting at home watching movies, boxsets and TV shows. I've featured a few of my faves on the blog before HERE
 So today I thought I'd write a bit more about movies and boxsets I'm looking forward to and the technology I use to watch them on!

Being a bit of a Netflix binger I love nothing more than sitting at home on my sofa watching series after series on my TV. There's nothing quiet like being able to relax and not have to squint at my smartphone on the train. This Panasonic Ultra HD 4K TV would be perfect for watching Stranger Things on or even kicking it old school and re-watching a series such as Sons of anarchy, Breaking Bad or The Sopranos ( I could go on and on here.) 

Not that I don't like catching up with my fave shows on the go, I often use my tablet or smartphone during my daily commute. One I'm currently watching is Roadies with Luke Wilson and loving it.

Of course my fave way to watch a movie is on the big screen, upgraded seats so you get the massive leather arm chairs and preferably with a box of popcorn nearly as big as me. I can't wait to see the new Jason Bourne as Matt Damon is back, not that Jeremy Renner did the Bourne franchise any damage in my eyes but its all about Jason Bourne!

What's your favourite technology to use?

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