Friday, 12 August 2016

Affordable in ear headphones

So Brainwavz produce relatively inexpensive but pretty decent  headphones over the last few years, I have been sent the Jive ear buds to test which I have been doing over the past few weeks.

So as per normal you get the hard case and 3 sizes of rubber tips along with 1 pair of the comply foam tips (the only ones I use) so comfort is not an issue.
 You also get a shirt clip, only bug bear is I have white headphones and clip is black which isn't a problem with the other colour ways available.

The Jive's have a built in remote and speaker so can be used for hands free, they don't fair to bad when being used to make calls. One thing you can't do to well is record on them though, I have like to podcast when I'm waling about and the mic is to sensitive and pics up the breeze, this isn't a dig at the headphones as this happens with most earphones that have a remote speaker but just a thought to bear in mind. 
As for the remote it works well, it claims to work on both ISO and android, I have an S6 and it works fine but didn't test on ISO.

So the overall sound quality isn't bad considering they are around £30 headphones, maybe the only thing they could do better is have a bit more bass, aside from that they have a pretty clean output.

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