Monday, 1 August 2016

20 weeks in... #BabyPowell

So 20 week scan was another failure...

Babypowell was having none of it and didn't want his picture taken again, cue Mrs Powell doing star jumps, multiple walks and a few bottles of water to try and shift him. 
(final confirmation that we are in fact #TeamBlue)
So this is the best photo we could get, how is that comfy?
and did he move, no! 
The ultra sound tech was getting more and more irate which I found hilarious.

So after that it was out to get some more supplies for the arrival, we decided to get a mosses basket and stand (which took me far to long to put together, it only had 12 screws)
 Also grabbed some toys, changing mat and a baby bath as well my office is no longer an office, need to get a move on with getting the nursery ready really... a whole new challenge!

Cheers for reading...

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