Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Vaping...here to stay?

So everyone and their mum is vaping now days, can't walk 10ft without seeing someone puffing away like Thomas the Tank Engine.
I was once one of these people, when I quite smoking I missed the social aspect of it so took up vaping, or pens depending on my mood, there is loads of  Shisha pen flavors to choose from as well as every flavor in blotted form under the sun. I was partial to the mango ones myself. 
There is some amazing designs of machines on the market now, sometimes I wish I still vaped so I could have a lightsaber one or an old man pipe.

I vaped so I still had an excuse to go out with everyone for a fag break but gave up after a while.
Fast forward a few years and all them same people are now outside vaping rather than smoking, which is a bit heather for the ole lungs, and the wallet for that matter. One guy has saved Hundreds of pounds a year.

Is this another one of them trends that will die off after a few years though...
Probably not, in a world were most people are trying to get heather and fitter, smoking just isn't as cool as it once was, plus shisha pipes have been around hundreds of years so it was only a matter of times before it all became mobile and hand held anyway.
Cheers for reading...

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