Tuesday, 5 July 2016

The Guy With a Finished Owl Tattoo

So I finally got round to getting my owl colored in.
(Be it a few months ago now)
Getting Tattooed Sucked as per usual, didn't stop me from going back a few weeks later and adding a peacock feather to the sleeve as well though.

So here is the owl tattoo in all its glory! I'm super happy with it.

Here is the Peacock I added as well, as you can tell there is a bit of a bird theme going on with this sleeve, got a few more spaces to fill yet so looking forward to that.

Big shout out to Steve at Skunx Tattoo for all the work.

Cheers for reading...

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  1. Looks awesome!!!!!! Love the colours

    Stacey xxx UnicornFairy.net


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