Thursday, 7 July 2016

Make The Future London

If you love creative festivals, your going to love Make The Future London! It's a festival of ideas and innovation that offers a chance to look into the future of our lives. It show cases some amazing ideas for the global energy future.

Last year more than 200 teams from all over Europe compete on a track around the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to see how far they could get on the equivalent of one litre of fuel. Think a top gear challenge but without Jeremy trying to use all the fuel!

Reverse Engineers is a series of shorts about the future of energy and just what it takes to make a dream an actual reality that can mean a better future for us all. In this series three celebrities have to figure out what an innovated idea for energy does and just how it can work in the real world! 

How about more planet friendly furniture or plant waste that you can build with? It's a great series and well worth a watch, as who knows?! We might just be flying around in water powered cars in the near future!

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