Thursday, 23 June 2016

Uncharted 4

So I haven't even finished Uncharted 4 yet but it is by far the best in the series!

I traded in a few games and grabbed uncharted the day it came out, and then it sat on my side for a good week or so before I even got a chance to play it.

So after a week went past I made some time one evening to get cracking... well that was after the lengthy update...Cheers for that Sony.

Graphics are amazing as to be expected and another great story line so far with loads of back story to get stuck in to, you get to play as Nate when he was a kid. There is a few other characters you get to control of the bat this time round which gives the game some brownie points.

Sony went a bit meta.... if you played the game you will know what I'm talking about, but fingers crossed they bring that back in all its glory for real!
(Update, Crash was announced on PS4)

So go forth and buy this game ASAP!!! You will not be disappointed, I'm only about 70% through the game at this point and I love it, might be my game of the year so far, time will tell once Mafia 3 is released.

Big thumbs up from me.

* I finished this game before I was able to put this post up, and I have to say its one of the best games available on PS4 for sure!

Cheers for reading...

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