Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Tips for trying to find a 2nd Hand Car

So over the past few weeks I have been trying to get a 2nd hand car....what a pain in the arse it turned out to be!
So here are a few tips that I have found over the past couple of weeks from driving some right old bangers and rust buckets!

Have a Budget in mind that you are willing to spend, that way you will know what sort of range of cars you will have to choose from, now decide on what is essential for you to have, for example, big boot, cruise control, low running costs, speed, power, do you want a petrol or diesel... etc, etc.
Clarkson More Power

Now you have a range of cars to chose from some other things to take in to account are Mileage and Service History
Depending on how much or little service history the car has made a big difference on how high a mileage I was prepared to go up to, it goes with out saying but the more service history and lower mileage the better in most cases. I say most cases because as with everything in life you will probably get screwed over at some point and if the car seems to good to be true it probably is, we have all seen or heard of horror stories about 2nd HC's.
 Average millage for a normal car is around 10k a year according to some internet figures, but this rule doesn't always apply anymore.

Now depend on how Mechanical minded you are you wanna check the engine bay out, if there is excessive oil and grime and it I would say walk away and the same can be said if the engine bay is sparkling clean as well, this usually means someone is cleaning up a mess to hide something. Check the oil with the dipstick, make sure the level is correct.
Check under the body for any welding or splits/holes, along with any rust as well.
 Also check the tyres for tread and inflation.
Engine Meme

You also wanna check the Bodywork now depending on budget this is where you might have to swallow a few bumps and scuffs in order to get a better mechanical than looking car. Now as mentioned above look for any rust spots on the body.  Rust can repaired if it is done correctly so if there was a repair job ask to see if there is any bills for the work carried out.

Interior is where you spend all the time so the better you can get the better for you. Make sure everything works, check to see if the the heater matrix blows hot and cold (or AC if that's on the car) turn on the lights, play around with the radio, like I said depending on the budget depends on what sort of problems there may be with a car and what you are willing to live with ( for instance my cruise control is a little temperamental on the car i just purchased )
What you are using the car for may also be a factor in making these decisions.

Take the car for a Test Drive, does the car feel safe to you, always go with your gut feeling, if something doesn't feel right then walk away. When on the test check the brakes, if you get a chance give it a bit of an emergency stop. Are you comfy? best be as driving a car that is uncomfortable is a right pain!
Is it smooth, does it pull away nicely, what does the engine sound like?
Check the suspension, make sure it works.
These are all things that you need to take in to account.

Paperwork, the more of it the better, have a look through to see if there is any old MOT's and service bills, have a look through and see what has been done and if there was any advisories on the last MOT, if there has been a recall on the model of car has that work been done?
See how many owners it has had, is it just one lady owner, or bloody loads, which could be a bad sign really.
car dealer meme

Last and not least, kick the tyre!

Well I hope this helps in your search for a car, good luck if you are trying to find one at the moment, I don't envy you at all to be honest. If you have any more tips and tricks please feel free to leave them in the comments.

Cheers for reading...

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  1. These are some very useful tips! Thanks for sharing them :)

  2. Car buying can take a while. I am looking for my next new mpv. It is likely to be a large mpv/ modified van. I build in a lot of factors. This time I am buying new. No more rust buckets!

    Happy searching!


  3. I would basically put my dad in charge of finding something suitable x


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