Sunday, 20 March 2016

The Girl On The Nets New Book

If you are not sure who the girl on the net is then I suggest you have a look at her blog.
It's not essential as the books stand alone on there won merit, but this will give you an idea of her writing style and what to expect.
The Girl On The Net

If you fancy a read that might make you feel like you have been sucker punched in the stomach then I suggest you get hold of a copy of her New book "how a bad girl fell in love"... scratch that, if you haven' read her first book "My Not So-Shameful Sex Secrets" then do that first and then make your way back to the new book...
Right everybody Caught up, good.

So I have been waiting for the second book after finishing the first one in a day or so, and it didn't disappoint, It has a different flow this time round, it's more raw and gets in to the nitty gritty of the aspects of life, still explicit but not as much as the 1st book.
(Still a lot about sex in there so not to worry to much)

I don't want to give any spoilers so I will say that The Girls On The Nets writing is Smart, Funny and a pleasure to read. 

So go forth and buy this book!

Cheers for reading...

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