Monday, 21 March 2016

Novelty Gifts

So who doesn't love a T-Shirt... 

Well if your stuck for an idea on what to get someone as a novelty present for their birthday then how about a T-Shirt showing what Vintage they are for the older gents or maybe an Original product shirt for the younger ones.

There is a whole range covering most of the big mile stones from 18th which comes in 2 different colour ways, I really like to light blue one.
T shirt
Right up to the big 60 which are in a vintage style.
   T shirt

The shirts are really well made of 100% cotton and look like they have a nice cut to them.
I have a couple to give to my twin brother and sister when they turn 18 next month so we shall see how well that goes down when I try and make them wear them all day.

You can get the 18th shirts HERE
There is some other ages available on the links below.
The Big 40
The Bigger 50

Cheers for reading...

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*Shirts were gifted, all views are my own.

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