Sunday, 6 March 2016

Americal Day 11 - The Final Day

So we had to be out early but Virgin Atlantic have a cool little service where you can drop your bags off at Disney springs and the next time you see them is on the conveyor belt after you have landed.

So as it was our last day we decided to spend it at Disney doing a few rides and generally walking about taking it all in one last time.
Big Thunder

Rode the Haunted Mansion which is a given really, as was Big Thunder Railroad.
Went back to the laugh floor as it was so good, and a bit different every time.
 We ate at Caseys for lunch and tried Corn dog nuggets... first few are nice but get a bit sickly.
Played the interactive map game, which was really fun actually, well worth the time if you do go.
Spur of the moment we decided to go on the Stitch ride/attraction, bit strange but very clever indeed.
Tried to meet buzz but he was recharging his batteries so went on the people mover.

That was our time nearly up in Disney, I'm sure I missed a few things off what we did but all in all I had the best holiday ever.

So we grabbed a subway as I wanted to try it and see if it was any different to the UK
, it was....
.....Shit, No BBQ sauce and the bread was different somehow, not a fan at all.

The drive back to the airport was a bit sad really, and handing over the keys of the Mustang was hard, I really loved that car.

Back in the airport for the longest wait at customs in history!
No seriously it was mental how long we waited to go through the scanners.

The flight back wasn't as bad as the fight out, got caught in some wind which helped us get home earlier than expected, only thing that bugged me was the knobheads that were sat behind us.
Florida Sky

Back in the UK it was grey and wet, and the realization that we had a tiny car was real!
(The 1 series has not been swapped for a much bigger car)
Florida Sky

So that's it, the holiday was/is done depending on what view I am writing this in ( I have noticed I kept going from past to present tense when writing the posts)

I will deffo go back to America that is for sure!

Thanks for reading, and for one last time...


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