Thursday, 3 March 2016

America Day 9 - The Main Mouse

So today was picture day, due to the beard mishap before we left I wasn't to keen on getting my picture taken but couldn't miss the chance to have some pics with Micky and the gang.

So first up we the main Mouse, we got there early ish and had about a 25 min wait in a line full of tiny kids...

If I was a little kid meeting Micky I would of just lost my shit!
He now talks and has conversations with you, even told us a joke.
Micky Mouse

Next we trecked up to Pete's tent to meet the rest of the Gang, all in all we waited about 15mins  to meet every one which was crazy as when we came out of Micky the queue time was way over an hour.

So we got in line and meet goofy first!

Then Donald was up next.
Donald Duck

After that you have to go out and back in and join the other side to meet the lovey ladies Daisy and Minnie.

Daisy DuckMinni Mouse

I though it was gonna be a bit silly but I would of been super disappointed if we hadn't meet them to be honest with you all.

After a walk about we headed to the Bear Jamboree to see the show which everyone got involved with the sing a long.
Bear Jambore

One thing I did get in to was the Pennies that you put a design on, I got bloody loads of them by the end of the trip!
The have all subsequently ended up stuck in the scrap book me and Becca have been making of our trip.

We headed over to Disney springs to grab some lunch at the Rainforest cafe, wasn't overly impressed but still nice to actually say I have eaten there.
Rain forest cafe

I ended the day with my first 7/11 slurpee, my only regret of the trip was not having one earlier, and as I loved them so much had about 6 or so in the next 2 days!


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