Friday, 4 March 2016

America Day 10 - The last night

Had a bit of a lazy day, the realization that the trip was coming to an end was looming over us some retail therapy was needed so we drove down to the Florida mall (poor peoples mall according to our friend) to have a look about, went to hot topic....a bit shit in reality but my teenage goth self would not of forgiven me if I didn't go.
Disney World
Go Gators!

Found a geek store and Becca even got a Pop Vinyl figure, as did I
(Started something I probably should't of, as now I want loads of them)

It was our last actual night there so we went to Disney Land to see the electric parade, light show and fireworks.
The only way to describe it is Magical!
We grabbed a spot in Liberty Square and settled in to watch the parade.
 It is so fun, the fact the characters interact with the crowd is brilliant and the floats are just works of art.
Disney World

Disney World

Disney World

Next we walked back to Main Street to watch the light show, it actually blew my mind, there was little kids and adults in utter amazement at the show, myself included.
Disney World

The big finish!
The firework display rivals any one I have ever seen, the money and design that goes in to it must be massive but well worth it!
Disney World

Well that was our last night in Merica!

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