Thursday, 25 February 2016

Seaworld.... What we got up to and my thoughts after

So before we get going, yes I have seen Blackfish, in fact I have watched it 2 or 3 times now, So why did I go to Seaworld...

First off why do people give Seaworld such a hard time yet Disney don't get a mention even though they have a whole host of sea creatures in Epcot and a Safari in Animal Kingdom, seemed really strange to me, its either all or none in my book, you can't not go to Seaworld and claim the moral high ground from Main street in Disney.
After a few days of trying to decide weather to go we took the plunge and headed on over to the park, at around $100 each it is by no means cheap but as soon as you get in to the park you a quickly made aware that SW are spending Millions on conservation and rescuing animals (this is also explained in a video before the One Ocean Show but more on that later)

So the rides were shut due to high winds which was a bummer but we cracked on and started to walk around the park, first up we decided to head for Shark attraction ( not many sharks ), you walk through a tunnel on a moving belt while they swim above you, pretty cool and there was some crazy shark with what can be only described as a hedge trimmer for a nose.
Saw shark

After the sharks we went to School with Clyde and Seymour, this is the new Sea lion show where we see if they can graduate high school, this was different to the one ocean show mentioned below as it was a lot more theatrical based with a story line and music, far more enjoyable for the younger people in the crowd (me and Becca bloody loved it).
Sealion show

The animal performers should not be captivity, and we all know they were doing all the actions and tasks for some fish but you can't help but be impressed with that they are able to be taught to do, and there really does seem to be a bond between the animals and the trainers which is nice.
Sealion showSealion show

So we go to the last 4 classes of the semester to see if they can get the passing grades they need, then a big finish which includes some more animals, a dancing walrus and a otter who thinks you should recycle more.
Amazing show in my book.

Now over to the One Ocean show with the killer whales, before it gets started you get a trainer come and and give the good ole Seaworld speel about how good they are and what not, bit to happy for my liking as well... then cue to video, this explains how the money made by the parks funds a rescuer and rehabilitation service that runs 24hrs for birds and sea life creatures so then can be returned to the wild if possible, if not then they are taken in to care and looked after by the veterinary team at Seaworld sites.
Killer Whale

Once this is done loads of water jets start up along with some water falls and out come the killer whales there is was between 4 or 5 in the show and boy what a show it was.
Killer WhaleKiller Whale

 Like I mentioned above I am under no illusion that these creatures should not be in captivity but you can not help but be impressed with the skills they have and what they will do to get a handful of fish, I should mention that its made very clear that they are only trained with positive reinforcements.
 Now the trainers are no longer allowed to get in the water and ride them about since the ruling after Dawn Brancheau's death but there is still some interactions on the show platform at the front of the pool.
So after some big splashes and some amazing synchronized jumping the show is over as quickly as it begins, the whales pop off back behind the stage and wait to do it all again in an hour.
Killer Whale

It was a bit nippy out so we went to an indoor attraction next, although it was called the Antarctic section so I wasn't hopeful it was gonna be warm (turns out it was though), there was a Walrus just chilling and floating out, some seals who were also just chilling and a Beluga whale who just looked like he was smiling all the time.

Dolphin show was the last one of the day for us, and by far the most energetic and entertaining, all based on a story of a girl in a dream I think, amazing acrobatics and some surprise guests in the form of parrots flying around the crowd.
Dolphin Show.

So I got to touch a dolphin, didn't feel like I thought it would to be honest, this was in the training pool where the trainers are really interactive and answer any questions you have, then we got to see a training session to see how they are taught to do the tricks and performances.

All in all I'm glad I went, it really seems to be a different place to what was portrayed in the documentary's  where the trainers really do seem to have bonds with the animals and care for them.
Would I go again? Not at the price we paid.


 Cheers for reading...

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  1. Great to read about this. I enjoyed going to Seaworld as a child but I'm not sure I would take my own children now.


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