Friday, 5 February 2016

Mustang Stewie

So on our recent trip to America, the wife convinced me to rent a mustang over a giant SUV or Dodge Ram... and to be honest I'm glad she did.

So after getting used to driving on the wrong side of the road for a few days I really started to enjoy myself.
So Becca chose the 2.3l convertible in red and what a car, so easy to drive, and with it being an automatic which I'm always a fan of, just plant the foot to floor and off you go.

 Thirsty is not the word as we averaged between 18 and 20 MPG but when a gallon of gas is $1.72 it didn't really matter, I can see why everyone has massive cars over in the states as the petrol is so cheap (compared to UK anyway).

Another thing which I thought was silly over the first days was the beeping when you lock the car, there is also a button on the fob to set off the alarm which I also thought was strange... turns out it comes in pretty handy if you forget where you parked in Disney for instance... I may have used it once or twice.

Ford is bringing this to the UK as I write this, give it a few years and you might just see me in one.... and pigs might fly haha

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