Thursday, 11 February 2016

Finding the "one"....Pair of Jeans

So its that time of year when people are looking for the one, luckily I already have so, my attention is turned to a new pair of jeans and finding a pair to call "the one"

I have teamed up with Jacamo to bring you some tips on how to do that, so lets get to it....
Find the one

Change is the only constant
So it's ok to buy a different pair of jeans this time round, you don't need to always go back to the same pair of jean's or try to fine a similar pair, why not experiment try some different styles and cuts.

Ok change my not be constant and you might be the same size still
Make sure they fit you, and fit you well, no need to suck in that belly, just buy a size up so they fit naturally round your waist, sizes differ, so you might be different sizes with different companies. Also make sure the length is right, you don't want "Jimmy jack up" as they were called in my school, I usually go with a fold over so buy just a bit to long, a good measure is hem around the bottom of the ankle area. These are probably an item you will be wearing a lot so they need to be comfy.

Think ahead
Don't be sucked in by the latest craze or fashion statement, gotta think long game when it comes to jeans, if they aren't something you can see yourself in daily for the foreseeable future then maybe think twice.

Be yourself
You need to be comfy in your jeans, they need to compliment all the other items in your wardrobe, if they only go with 1 or 2 items then maybe give them a miss and get a staple pair of dark wash pair that can be thrown on with a pair of beat up chucks or smart/casual shoes depending on the occasion.

Moving on from a the old trusty pair of jeans may be hard but sometimes you just have to let go, if you you are having a hard time then there is some tips on how to make it easier here!

So my search for the one... 

So in the search for the one I had a look over at Jacamo, now I am very particular when jean shopping and up until I ordered some from the Jacamo website I had never paid for a pair of jeans that I had not tried on in the shop, I was a bit worried as I always seem to be a different size in different makes which is why I have never gotten a pair from the internet before.

The choice came down to a pair of straight leg stretch coated jeans, a bit more relaxed then formal trousers, and black skinny jeans (something all men should have a staple part of there wardrobe if you ask me)

I have not had a pair straight leg jeans in many years so was a bit wary of committing to them, as my old jeans had mostly been skinny fit but after a week of wearing them to work and out to the pub with friends I couldn't be happier with my choice.

They go well with my Vans or Nikes, and don't look to bad either paired with a polo or t-shirt depending on how you are feeling that morning while looking through your wardrobe.

As I didn't wanna put all my eggs in one basket I went back to a new pair of old faithful and added some more black skinny jeans to my wardrobe as well.

I love skinnys, but  as I have a little more junk in my trunk I do find it difficult to find a pair that really fit me well in all the right places (again, dubious with internet shopping)

An outfit of the day and full reviews will be up soon so stay tuned.

Got any tips for finding new jeans? Why not leave me a comment.

Cheers for reading...

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