Saturday, 27 February 2016

America Day 8

So today was all about the Animal Kingdom
Tree of life
The tree of life.

 With some insider knowledge we headed straight for the safari to try and get minimal queuing time, glad we did as we waited for about 30 mins or so but once we were out on the drive a Sassy Ostrich just chilled in the road for about 15mins or so and held up everything.

There was some amazing sights on the attraction from Lions to a peeping Giraffes
ElephantHippo   Giraffe

 Bite to eat had to be done before we carried on.
 (some actual vegetables, my body didn't know what hit it)
 After that we headed to the Bugs life show, another amazing attraction even though it is aimed at kids.
I would of paid extra to see the Lion King show it was that good, from the singing to the acrobatics and animatronics, such a good time!
Lion King

So we headed back to Epcot in the afternoon/evening, I was a bit dubious but was willing to give it a 2nd chance, and to tell you the truth I'm glad I did.
We went to the Sea Land area which we didn't go to first time round, there was a cool little Nemo ride which leads you out in to a huge area with Dolphins, rescue manatees and A whole host of other sea creatures to see.

Meet Pluto like a Boss!!!
Little trip to Super target for the evening, So much better than our stores back here in the UK!


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