Friday, 26 February 2016

America Day 7

So we decided to go to Seaworld on Day 7, there is a whole post on it here.

After spending most of the day there we decided to pop in to Disney on the way home.
Main street is just amazing, there is no other words for it!

Main Street

After walk down it to have a look at the castle, and the walk statue.

We had been told that we deffo needed to hit up the Monsters Inc laugh floor, now I know its for kids but it is possible one of the best things I have every been to at a Disney Park, so so funny, if you get the chance then go and see it.
Laugh Factory

After that we walked down to liberty square, and I pulled Becca in to the Hall of presidents show, she wasn't impressed but I really enjoyed it, very clever, and one of the only places that there is a Presidential seal in the country.

Nice chilled evening getting to watch the UFC at a reasonable time, although fights weren't amazing in my opinion.


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