Tuesday, 16 February 2016

America Day 5

So woke up to some massive rain storms on day 5, so I wasn't up for going out till it cleared up, back to Walmart to grab a load of American sweets as we hadn't tried much so far.

We got hold of...
Goobers, choclate covered peanuts
Rasinetts, which were amazing (I had a fair few packs in my suitcase on the trip back)
Salted Almond Toblerone...this needs to come out in the UK ASAP!
Malted Milks... gave them a miss after a handful, no where near as good as our Malteasers.

Once the weather had cleared up we headed for the Disney Hollywood Studios park for the afternoon.

I quite like this park as it houses the Star Wars attractions along with the Muppet's 3D.
So we hit up SW's first, a cool little video which is a must see in my book (Becca was not as enthused) then a little walk around a display with some vehicles and props from the movies.
Star Wars
Anakin's Pod
Star Wars
Rey's Speeder

New up was the Muppet's 3D show which I was super excited for to be honest.
Once inside it did not disappoint at all, can see why it is still going 25 years later.
The muppets
Was super sunny at this point of the day (only picture I took for some reason)

Time to grab some grub, what better then Denny's, went for some sort sandwich which was tight!
Washed it don with a proper milkshake... wish I could have one right now it was so good!

Spent the evening with our friend who lives in America at a sports Bar.... American beer is... well not as good as ours here in the UK but still nice to grab a few and have a chat.

Keep up to date with the rest of the trip over the next few posts.


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