Wednesday, 10 February 2016

America Day 4

So we woke up to the sad news that Alan Rickman had died, another great taken from us.

So plan for the day was Universal, bit of a mistake as it was heaving at the Harry Potter bits. Some amazing attractions in Diagon ally, and a nice touch if you do have a wand as there was some interactive bits and pieces in the windows for them.

Got to meet Scooby and Shaggy and see the Mystery machine.
Scooby Doo

Scooby Doo

I had heard about the T2 live interactive experience so thought why not have a look while we were there. It was alright but in my opinion it might be time to retire this attraction.

On next to the Jurassic Park area, really enjoyed this bit and it was like you were going in to the main building in the original film.
Jurassic Park

The ride is a bit tired but still cool if you have never been on it, nice little (not so little, couldn't get Becca on this one) at the end for good measure.
Jurassic Park

Mummy's Revenge was up next for me, still pretty cool even after 11 years, goes about 50mph in the dark, backwards and forwards.

Springfield was out next stop, we had already met Homer and Marge and on the way I got to meet Doc Brown and See a screen used Delorean up close.
The Simpson

Back to the future

I really enjoyed Springfield, loved that you could buy stuff in the shops and go for a Flaming mo or a Duff at Mo's Tavern.
I oped for a Duff which I have a sneaky suspicion is an Amstall brand beer.
The simpsons

Saw a big ass shark, I was a bit gutted I never made it here when the Jaws ride was in operation.

Last thing we did that day before leaving the park was watch the Sherk 4D show, was pretty cool.

On to the Hardrock for a burger and coke (was a bloody good burger) and a look about through all the Rock and Roll memorabilia, got to see a Nikki Sixx Bass along with so much other stuff I can't even remember. There was a giant pink Cadillac rotating above the bar I do remember that.
Grabbed some souvenir drum sticks to add to the collection and then back to the Villa for a well earned rest.
Hard rock

Keep up to date with the rest of the trip over the next few posts.

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