Monday, 8 February 2016

America Day 3

So work up and hit 7/11 for a Powerball ticket, need me some of the 1.5 Billion Dollars!
Then out and about to check out some more shops like dollar store (the american version of Poundland) and target on the way to the Mall at Millennia on international drive.
I couldn't resist a Chipotle (not as good as the one in Wimbledon) when we got there, then off to do some shopping, more vans for the collection, after trying on about 10 pairs I settled for black/gum colourway and a new Donald Duck Vans baseball shirt.
Donald Duck
Here is said shirt with the main man himself.

Then we hit up Disney's new place (although it could be old now) Disney Springs for some more retail therapy and a mooch around, still loads of work to be done at that place but once it is finished it will be awesome.
Disney Springs

Now we had our tickets we decided to pull in to the Epcot Centre on the way home to see what's it was all about... Well I'll tell you what I thought, Crap!
( I retract this statement in a post that's coming up as we went back for a 2nd look)
 First off the $20 parking was a shock.
Then after trecking round the place finding nothing that really interested me it was back in the Mustang and home to watch the new series of Duck Dynasty
Becca liked to play a game called "Try and get in all Stew's selfie's"

PS, Didn't win the Powerball

Keep up to date with the rest of the trip over the next few posts.

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