Wednesday, 3 February 2016

America Day 2

So after sleeping of the jetlag we had a proper look around the villa which was abit strange, there was little statues and pots everywhere.

 But upside we have a pool.

Then it was time to see what the good ole U S of A had to offer, I popped on the local news and you would of thought it was the north pole with what all the news reporters had on (Hats and Scarfs) but it really wasn't cold at all to be honest.

 Out we went in the mustang to run some errands then off to the outlet centre for a bit of retail therapy.
It is true that every one is really nice, no matter what shop you go in to and no matter what the staff are doing they will always say hello.

Popped in to a Flea market... won't be doing that again.

Back to walmart as well for some more supplies and to actually take it in as I was functioning properly now I had got some sleep, Gatoraid and Ice Tea are my shit!

Went out to goodwill which is an experience indeed, nothing like our charity shops at all, so much stuff it, and I mean a lot of stuff, really was a sight to see.
Good Will

Went for s little dive around a local town, had to sample the Mcdonalds over here, not to bad, not to different than the UK to be honest.
Water tower

Time for a night in front of American TV and an early night.

Keep up to date with the rest of the trip over the next few posts.


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