Monday, 1 February 2016

America Day 1

So we are on our first holiday together (apart from our honeymoon) in 9 years at the moment.

We had a bit of bad start to the flight as there was so much water in the wings we had an hour or so delay. This was once we were all on so we had to sit about and wait it out.

Once we got in to the air it wasn't that bad a flight, only a few minutes of turbulence over the 9 odd hours.
Flight out

Some great movies to choose from, finally got round to watching Legend and Mission Impossible Rouge Nation, as per usual in flight food was on the ropey side but that was to be excepted, it wasn't to bad though as we got loads of chocolate, ice cream and drinks.

So after the longest wait in history to clear customs once we landed we tracked down our car company and got to pick our car.
Becca went with the Red Convertible Mustang....Probably the best car I have ever driven.
There is a post about it here...( its not up yet)

So after a video game like drive from the airport to the villa as we were super tired and had been on the good for about 13 hours at this point we finally made it to the Villa!

Quick trip to Walmart which was a strange ordeal due to being like a zombie, we grabbed so bits and back to the villa to pass out.

Jet lag is real people.

Keep up to date with the rest of the trip over the next few posts.


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