Sunday, 3 January 2016

2015 Round up!

So 2015 has been a bit of a rollercoaster

Some stuff that happened to me is as follows...

I changed companies at work, also changed Job roll.
Brought a house... (sort of) which we still haven't been able to move in to as of yet... fingers crossed this month we should have a date if not be moved in!

I left the podcast I set up with a friend a year or so ago due to moving and also so I could venture out with some new series which will be coming this year.

Swapped cars more times then I care to mention.

Met some great people from blogging, hopefully get to meet some of them in person this year!

Got a tattoo of my Parrot.

Had a blast with the Wife.

Can't wait for 2016
Look out for my post on what's coming up

Happy New Year

Cheers for reading...

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Keep up to date by following me!

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