Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Tattoo Talk with @Jackd_cpfc

Jack Dadswell

So what was your first tattoo and how old where you?
My first tattoo was a cartoon eagle in crystal palace shirt and it was on my 18th birthday.

Why did you choose that specific design (because i liked it is a perfectly acceptable answer)

Well it was the only option really I'm a huge crystal palace fc fan so had that idea way before the age I was allowed to get it.

How many tattoos do you have currently? What are they?

Oh wow I've got to many to give a number I have a tattoo of my grandad Jack in his army uniform on my back a couple of random bits but mainly I have a lot of traditional stuff. (Pin ups and sailor jerry)On my chest arms and ribs.

Do you have a favorite piece? if so what one and why?
Well for sentiment my grandad Jack as I was named after him. But out of all of my tatts I love my frog playing the banjo sat on a toad stall, and why? Well Who doesn't like a banjo playing frog from the country!

Did you do a lot of research in to your chosen artist/artists?

A few of my older tatts when I was younger were just done in places local to me, but as I've got older and decided the traditional route over quite a big area I waited till I found the right person.

Are you planning on anymore?

I always have the itch to go and get more especially when I keep seeing new designs on my tattooers Instagram. The way I see it if there's a gap there's a chance it'll get filled.

A silly question as pain is relative but Most painful tattoo?

ELBOWS!!!  they were worst out of everywhere that place was insane.

General reaction from friends and family about your tattoos/body mods? Are they happy about you having them?
Most of them aren't bothered either way there's very much an each to their attitude. However my nan and grandad are very old school and aren't impressed at all.

Reactions from members of the public about your tattoos/body mods, Good or Bad?

Generally it's pretty good get the odd person look down their nose to an extent but overall it's positive.

Have you tattoos ever hindered anything you wanted to do, interviews, work, etc?

I've had the same job since I left school many moons ago, so never been in that position. But working in the construction industry I can't ever see it being a problem.

Do you get asked did it hurt a lot? What do you tell people?

Not so much do get the odd person, I just say some are worse than others everyone is different.
Do you find people will touch your tattoo (body mods) without asking? If so how do you deal with it?

No cant say that's ever happened. I do have a beard which people I've not seen in a while think it's ok to touch it haha!

Shout out to the artist/artists hear if you want :)

Big thanks to @emlyntaylor (Instagram) for most of the work I've had.

Any parting words?
If you want something done, take your time to find the right design and artist. Listen to their advice after all they are the experts.

Many thanks to Jack for taking part, tune in next week for some more Tattoo Talk.

Cheers for reading...

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