Tuesday, 8 December 2015

More Tattoo Talk with Estelle from Estellosaurus

So we have an a previous guest back to update us on whats been going on since her first Tattoo Talk.

Here is Estelle

Hi So how have you been since your first Tattoo Talk?
I've not been too bad, can't believe it was March when I did my first one! I've i'm in a new job since then - I was redeployed and I've had some bad luck health wise and I went from brunette to blonde to purple and then back to blonde again! I'm looking forward to Christmas now and hoping to put my decorations up this weekend.

How is the blog going? Any features you want to plug or posts you want to tell us about?
The blog is going well, I find it tricky to fit writing posts around my job, health and home, but I still love writing, my fans include my mum, her best mate and my husband so at least someone reads it! I'll be writing about some recent and upcoming hospital trips soon and I've got a Black Friday/Cyber Monday haul post coming this weekend - it will be my first haul post, so we will see how that goes. I recently wrote about Emma Margaret Illustration http://www.estellosaurus.com/blog/emma-margaret-illustration her Etsy shop and website are definitely worth a look at!

So how many tattoos have you had since last time?
I've had two recoloured and 6 new tattoos!

What are they?
So, when I did my first tattoo talk, I had just had my unicorn in a teacup done on my chest. Shortly after that, I had the birds on my chest recoloured so they didn't look so faded. I then had a little heart on my finger, followed by a cat face on the side of my finger and a touch up of my old moustache tattoo - also on my inner finger. A little while after that, I had a cat and teacup on my arm - it was my biggest tattoo and I love it so much! That was my birthday present to myself in May! I then had a carousel horse on my shoulder and another cat face on my finger.  
Then the week before last I had my first ever tattoo re-worked. It had a scar through it which I hated so I wanted it to look different. It took just under two hours and is like a mandala design with really lovely dot work through it. 

Did you get any for a specific reason?
I saw the cat/teacup that my tattooist had drawn and it reminded me of a cat I used to have, also I love tea! I fell in love with the design so I had to have it! I had her design the carousel horse as I want to eventually have a sleeve on my right arm and it tied the chest piece to the cat really nicely. The cat faces and heart were honestly just for fun.

Any that really hurt this time around?
The re-work on my back was painful. Not overly, some bits I barely felt (I'm not weird, just a really high pain tolerance!) but it felt like a really bad bruise for days afterwards.
Reaction from friends/family about the new Tattoos?
I think my mum secretly loves the cat tattoo, although she won't openly admit it! I've had lots of people tell me how lovely the cat is and my cat face finger gets a few smiles!

Any new artists or shops you want shout out?
My tattoo artist is Caroline from Dust and Bones, Plymouth. I adore her work, the style, colours, everything. She is super, super talented.

Anything else on your mind?
Mostly pain at the moment! I had steroids injected into my hip today so I am sat in bed surrounded  by cats as walking is proving a little tricky!

Another big thanks you to Estelle for taking the time to talk to me again.

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Cheers for reading...

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