Monday, 7 December 2015

End of an Era for the Popculture Podcast

So about 2 weeks ago I recorded my last podcast as a co host on the Pop Culture Pod
( A week or so later I was the first guest with the new co host though )

Its been a fun old ride making this show but it is time for me to step aside with moving away from London and work commitments I wasn't giving it enough of my attention as it needed and I didn't want the pod to suffer but, the show must go on so I thought it was time to hand the reins off to Carl and now Dan to take the Pod forward.

I will be flittering back from time to time to see how they are are getting on but in all honestly they have a great dynamic and I'm not worried in the slightest.
I'm still involved as such as the network is still under my control and there is a load of podcasts in the back catalouge for your to get stuck in to, with some new ones coming in 2016 so best keep an ear out for them.

Its not been emotional...

for the last time...
I've been Stewart Powell

Cum shot 
(guess the movie reference)

Cheers for reading...

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