Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Chromcast 2 Review...With Update after using for a few days

I am in the church of google!

So I moved back over to android a few years ago and never looked back, Last week I got myself the new Chrome cast, Now I didn't need it per say but thought why not upgrade anyway and see what the difference is for £25.
So they have changed the design this time round, not that it matters much in the style department as you never see it as it tucked away behind your TV.

This time round there is flexible HDMI lead unlike the first one which was built in to the body, is better if you have your TV mounted on a wall as it doesn't have to stick straight out.
It also has some faster load speeds which are noticeable from the get go, as well as connectivity which seems a lot better.

Playing around with the App shows they have made a few improvements and multi cross platform search is great.

I got £20 google movie credit with mine which is a touch if you ask me!

So if you like streaming Netflix or Now TV, along with a ever growing list of apps then grab one of these.

Gets a massive thumbs up from me.

Update after a few days of using it!
So it seems that there is a power issue with this version of the Chromecast where you can't use your TV's USB port to power it. A bit of a step back if you ask me!
I'm going to keep it and use it on a 2nd TV and gone back to my original Chromecast for my main TV.

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