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Tattoo Talk with Hannah from ZombieMummy

Name-  Hannah
Website- Tell us a bit about your blog if you want.
I'm a parent and lifestyle blogger for my blog Zombiiemummy

So what was your first tattoo and how old where you?
My first tattoo was a small image of a four leaf clover, on my left wrist. I was 18.
Why did you choose that specific design?
Because I wanted something to bring me luck in my studies at the time & in my future, I didn't want a green standard four leaf clover, so this idea came from a perfume bottle haha!.

How many tattoos do you have currently? What are they?
I have 13! Room for More!
Do you have a favorite piece? if so what one and why?
My favourite piece is my butterfly mandala, I gave an idea to my tattoo artist and she completely changed it for the better! I got it for a deeply personal reason, it's just my absolute favourite.

Did you do a lot of research in to your chosen artist/artists?
I tend to spend months finding the right artist for each piece, I'm more able to travel further than I could when I was 18, I was fortunate then to live near some talented artists. I'd rather take my time choosing the right artist than rush it and dislike the tattoo.
Are you planning on anymore?
I am, I'm planning tattoos for the tops of my feet, always wanted to be tattooed there but never thought of the right design, now I have so I'm really excited!.
A silly question as pain is relative but Most painful tattoo?
It has to be my Alex the kidd tattoo, as part of my half sleeve, it's on the underside of my arm & was quite painful after a while!

General reaction from friends and family about your tattoos/body mods? Are they happy about you having them?
My mum hates them, but she is fond of the mandala tat so that's something haha. my dad likes them & encouraged him to get his first tattoo himself!.
My friends like them & my son loves them too, especially the food tattoos, he likes to pretend they're edible haha.
A fellow mummy friend once asked me why I had my sons name tattooed on me & said found it  quite strange & wouldn't I regret it, I personally found her reaction strange, & I still do to this day!.
Reactions from members of the public about your tattoos/body mods, Good or Bad?
Since becoming a mother, I've mostly received bad reactions or just plain staring, one day I had, had Enough of "covering up" it was a warm day & I was with my son at a toddler group, I took my jacket off & sat in silence to other parents staring, nobody has ever said anything negative to my face, & I'm certainly not the type of woman to let the negative comments bother me. I'm proud of each tattoo, each one tells a story & is a permanent reminder that no matter what happens in my life at that time I can look back on everything I've achieved.
Have you tattoos ever hindered anything you wanted to do, interviews, work, etc?
So far no, which is great, I plan to go onto teacher training in the future, so we'll see!.
Do you get asked did it hurt a lot? What do you tell people?
My relatives who have no tattoos have asked & a few strangers have, I told them that some places on each one was painful but that it's only ever temporary.
Do you find people will touch your tattoo (body mods) without asking? If so how do you deal with it?
Nobody has ever done this, only children, I simply love describing to children what tattoos are, I prefer there blunt comments to adults ones any day!
Shout out to the artist/artists hear if you want :)
Shout out to Katie-Ann, get ready for some more work soon! :) xx

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