Monday, 2 November 2015

An Evening with Chipotle

Because I live with another blogger who set this up I was lucky enough to get an invite to Chiptole in Wimbledon for some food, booze and a master class in guacamole.

So we were met by some really friendly staff who took us to the back of the restaurant where we had some tables reserved for us.
I kicked it off with a Margaritas or two which were pretty strong and got the night off to a great start, while we waited for everyone to turn up there was some chips with salsa and guacamole so I got stuck right in!
Once everyone had arrived we had a chat with some members of staff about the ins and outs of the company, how all staff have to start at the bottom and are promoted from within, there is also no franchises so all the stores are owned by the same guy, we also learned that their food is sourced from free range farmers here in the UK which I liked.

Next up was a little tour around the kitchen and a master class in making guacamole, everything is made from fresh every day at Chipotle.
I volunteered to skin the avocados and then get stuck in with the giant masher, adding in some chillies, onions and lime juice and hey presto we had a fresh batch of guacamole.

It was back down stairs for some grub, the bit I had been most looking forward to, anything we wanted from the menu. There is some serious choice as there is around 66,000 combinations to choose from.

I went with the spiciest of everything, steak (fresh off the grill), beans, rice, peppers and salsa all packed in to a burrito!

So after I made my way though another Margaritas and polished off the burrito I needed a little rest, Stuffed was not the word.
Some more talking with the staff trying to find out if there was going to be anymore stores opening up near to where we are moving to and if there was a secret menu, which there sadly isn't but with 66k worth of combination who needs one.
We did find out that some celebs get a special card which allows then a number of free meals (100 free burritos) and it was at this point Emerton pulled some cards out of his pocket.
Now it wasn't the celeb card but a reverse loyalty card, you get the first 3 burritos for free and them pay for the 4th which was awesome!

I would like to say a massive thank you to Chipotle and the Staff members at the Wimbledon branch for having us, it was a blast, and I will be back for sure. (already been back).

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