Saturday, 3 October 2015

What is original...

In the every changing pop culture world of Music and Fashion is there such a thing as originality any more, well that’s a very good question indeed, everyone knows that trends go in cycles and it's looking like the 60's influences may be making a comeback within in the fashion industry again, whether it be the sharp looking suits that the Mods were wearing in the early Sixty’s, the loud flamboyant shirts that look like they came straight the set of Austin Powers movie set or the more casual surf bum look (which is the personal favourite of mine as it requires the least amount of effort) its back and very prominent among some of the newer indie style bands and artists.

Being original is hard, so maybe it’s easier to just be yourself, dress how you like, have the haircut  you like, get the tattoos you like, listen to the music that makes you happy, there are no rules! Well there is a few but if you want to wear a pair of heart rimmed glasses then why not… 

Now it is easy to band to the pressure of trying to fit in, but its every ones individuality that makes you original really, this coming from a former skater ,where we all had baggy jeans and t shirt on all day every day, but it was the same in all the alt fashion trends while I was growing up, all the Goths wore all black and had on a pair or Dr Martins or New Rocks, there is no getting away from the fact that someone has usually been there and done that before you and someone will be there and do that that after you, although maybe we need to give the man bun/Top knot a miss on the next go round. 

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